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Triplexes in aluminium compressed air piping are a very important part of the compressed air system. They usually consist of three key components, which are: Filter: its main function is to filter out the impurities in the compressed air, such as solid particles, oil, moisture, etc., and store them in the filter, in order to achieve the purpose of making the compressed air dry and clean. Pressure reducing valve (regulator): its role is to adjust the pressure of compressed air. After the pressure reducing valve is adjusted to the proper pressure, the locking device should be locked to avoid misoperation. Oil Mist: As many cylinders need oil lubrication in pneumatic control system, so oil mist is added to the air circuit, the purpose is to send the oil in the oil mist to the cylinder through the air pipe to achieve the purpose of lubricating the air. These three components work together to ensure that the air in the aluminium alloy compressed air pipeline is clean and stable, and to meet the pressure and lubrication needs of the pneumatic equipment on the compressed air, so as to extend the service life of the pneumatic equipment.


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