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Double Side Push Type Valve

Double Side Push Type Valve in aluminium alloy compressed air pipeline is a special type of valve which is mainly used to control the flow of medium in pipeline. This type of ball valve is characterized by the use of the sphere as the opening and closing parts, the sphere rotates around the central axis of the valve body, and the direction of the flow of the medium and the flow rate is controlled by rotating the sphere. When the ball is rotated to present a relative position with the valve seat, the valve seat will cut off the medium to achieve the closed state; when rotated to other positions, it can be adjusted or fully open state. The design of double side push type valve makes it featured with quick connecting and dismantling, the installation and dismantling process is simple and quick, without using special tools or equipments. At the same time, the use of aluminium alloy material makes the ball valve has a light weight and good corrosion resistance, suitable for a variety of environments and media.


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