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Double Side Push Type Valve

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  • DN20-DN50



Product Description: Double Side Push Type Valve

Ball valves are mainly used in pipelines to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium. It can be closed tightly and requires only a 90-degree rotation for operation and a very low rotational torque. In compressed air piping systems, safety is of paramount importance. As far as safety is concerned, ball valves are more suitable for compressed air piping systems due to their strong sealing properties. Ball valves provide an excellent seal in the closed position, reducing the risk of leakage, while being able to withstand high pressures.

Advantages of Double Side Push Type Valve:

1. Convenient installation and maintenance: the structure of the plug-in ball valve is simple, easy to install and use, and easy to repair and replace in case of failure;

2. small flow resistance: plug ball valve ball using the plug-in structure, and the diameter of the fluid channel with the diameter of the pipeline, so the flow resistance is small, to ensure smooth flow;

3. high temperature, corrosion resistance: plug ball valve ball and sealing surface materials are mostly corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant materials, so it is suitable for some high-temperature, corrosive media pipeline use.



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