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Pipe To Pipe Connector

Introducing our Aluminum Pipe to Pipe Connector, which is designed to seamlessly connect two pipes of the same or different diameters so that fluids or gases can be transported smoothly through the piping system.    Our Aluminum Pipe to Pipe Connectors are capable of connecting pipes of different sizes, so they have the flexibility to meet your specific piping requirements. Whether you need to connect pipes of the same diameter or transition between different pipe sizes, this Pipe to Pipe Connector provides a seamless solution.  The Pipe to Pipe Connector's smooth inner surface minimizes resistance to flow for efficient fluid or gas transfer. Its rugged construction ensures corrosion resistance, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.       

Installation is made easy by the precise thread design, which ensures a tight and secure fit between the pipes. This eliminates the need for additional tools or complicated procedures, saving installation time and effort.


Suzhou Jieyou Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. was established on August 29, 2019. It is an innovative enterprise specializing in the development, production, sales, and installation services of fluid transportation products.

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