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Equal Flange

Equal flange in aluminium alloy compressed air pipeline is a kind of pipeline connector, which is used to connect two pipes or equipments with the same calibre. Its main function is to fix and seal the pipeline connection to ensure the stability and sealing of the pipeline system. An equal diameter flange is usually made of aluminium alloy and has the same diameter and wall thickness as the pipe, hence the name. It is designed to allow the pipes to be secured to each other by bolting or other fasteners to form a tight sealing structure. Equal diameter flanges are widely used in aluminium compressed air piping systems. They can be used to connect pipes, valves, pumps, and other equipment to ensure the smooth operation of the piping system. At the same time, isometric flanges can also be used for the maintenance and overhaul of piping systems, facilitating the removal and replacement of piping components.


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