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  • Multiple sets of models available

  • Upipe


Product Description:

The role of the triplex is: filtration, depressurization, oil mist.

Is the compressed air in the water and solid particles separated out, to achieve the role of purification, and then the air compressor or gas station to send over the compressed air adjusted to, the equipment needs pressure.

Finally in the clean instrument air to add atomized lubricant, so that those who are not easy to add lubricant equipment after the instrument, play a lubricating effect, extend the service life of the equipment.

The working principle of the triplex components:

The triple component parts are all important parts based on rotary movement, it determines the pneumatic tightening tool torque of the mouth size, speed fast and slow, tightening accuracy and other important parameters, because it is not stopping the clutch, pressure or torque shift, so it is easy to damage the constituent parts.

It is mainly the motor output of the rotary motion for the corresponding conversion, in the automobile manufacturing industry, due to the threaded connection of the way much, most of the rotary motion, of course, there are also linear reciprocating motion.

For different types of pneumatic tools, the form of conversion part is mainly divided into mechanical clutches and planetary gears, friction plate clutches and planetary gears, hydraulic cylinders, torque rods and hammering block group and so on.

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