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Three Way Air Pipe Tube Male Thread Pneumatic Connector Fitting Tee

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  • VV180100 /VV180200/VV180300



Product Description:Pneumatic couplings

A pneumatic coupling is a device that connects two pipes and is usually used to deliver compressed air to machines and equipment. It can connect pipes of different sizes and shapes and features quick connection and removal.

Application of pneumatic joints in industrial production

Pneumatic joints have a wide range of applications in industrial production, it can connect the air source, pneumatic tools and equipment between the transmission pipeline, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.

1.Improve work efficiency

Pneumatic couplings can be quickly connected and disassembled, eliminating the need for cumbersome piping installation and maintenance time, saving working time and costs.

2.Reducing safety hazards

The interface of pneumatic joints is tightly connected, which avoids damage or accidents caused by some loose pipes or joints falling off.

3. Increase equipment flexibility

The use of pneumatic joints can make the equipment more flexible. By replacing different fittings and connectors, it can be adapted to different processes and operational needs.

4. Improve production quality

The stability and reliability of the pneumatic joint technology can greatly improve the production quality and safety, reduce the production process failure and loss.

The specifications of our pneumatic couplings are as follows:








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