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Reducing Tee

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  • Multiple sets of models available



The role of the reducer tee:

First, the role of diversion

Reducing tee is a piping connector, usually used to divide a pipeline into two or three branches. It allows the fluid in the pipeline diversion, such as a water supply pipeline is divided into two branches, so as to be able to supply water for different equipment or areas to achieve multi-way diversion.

Second, the role of convergence

In addition to the role of shunt, reducer tee can also be two or three pipelines combined into one pipe. In the piping system, the confluence part usually need to combine different pipeline flow into a flow output, reducer tee can realize this function.

Adjusting the flow rate

Another important role of the reducer tee is to regulate the flow rate. As the resistance of different parts of the piping system will affect the fluid velocity and pressure, so the use of reducer tee can be adjusted according to the need for different parts of the flow rate, in order to achieve the best pipeline performance. For example, when the speed of the fluid needs to be slowed down, the diameter of the pipe can be enlarged through the reducer tee to reduce the flow rate, so as to achieve the purpose of regulating the flow rate.

Fourth, to avoid pressure loss

Reducing tee can also avoid pressure loss in the piping system. When the fluid through the bending or gathering part, it will produce pressure loss, making the pressure in the piping system drop. The use of reducer tee can be converted to the cross-sectional area of the pipeline to reduce the resistance to avoid pressure loss.


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