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Reducing Flange Reducing Flange
Reducing Flange Reducing Flange
Reducing Flange Reducing Flange


Reducing Flange

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Product Description:Reducing flange

What is a Reducing Flange?

A Reducing Flange, also called a Reducing Flange, is a special flange that is installed at a pipe connection. It is characterized by different specifications at both ends or one of the two ends is a nested flange of a shaped pipe. Because the reducer flange has the characteristics of connecting pipes of different diameters, it is widely used in industrial production and civil construction.

The role of reducer flange

1. Connecting pipes of different diameters

Reducing flange can be connected to different diameters of the pipeline, so as to meet the needs of industrial production or civil construction of different diameters of the pipeline connection. For example, in the water treatment system, the need for different diameters of the pipeline to achieve the water output and other requirements, then you need to use the reducer flange for connection.

2. Reduce the resistance of the piping system

In the pipeline system, by changing the size of the pipe diameter, you can achieve the effect of reducing the resistance of the pipeline system and improve the flow rate. Reducing flange as a kind of special flange connecting pipes of different diameters can realize this.

3. Reduce the vibration of piping system

In the process of piping system operation, due to the role of the fluid, vibration will be generated, and this vibration has a great impact on the stable operation of the piping system. The use of reducer flanges can minimize the vibration, thus ensuring the stability and safety of the piping system.

The specifications of the reducer flanges produced by our company are as follows:



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