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Mounting Brackets Mounting Brackets
Mounting Brackets Mounting Brackets
Mounting Brackets Mounting Brackets
Mounting Brackets Mounting Brackets
Mounting Brackets Mounting Brackets


Mounting Brackets

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  • Multiple sets of models available



Product Description:

The role of pipeline support: support the weight of pipeline components; control the displacement and deformation of the pipeline; bear the internal pressure from the pipeline, external load and temperature deformation of the elastic force generated by the elastic force, and these forces to the support rooted in the building structure. It can be said that the pipeline support is the pipeline system structure safety and operation safety guarantee.

Pipeline stent safety elements: stent installation to achieve a variety of functions of the stent layout is reasonable; rooted firmly and reliably; structurally sound and have sufficient strength and rigidity; stent and pipe contact with the solid, no jams.

Withstand the self-weight load of the pipeline, including the weight of the pipe, pipe fittings, valves and the weight of the internal medium of the pipeline and the weight of the pipeline outer layer of thermal insulation materials and other weights, for each single bracket or hanger; is the support lifting point of the pipeline is assigned the value of the actual load value of the support hanger, due to a variety of reasons, there will be a small amount of deviation to increase the deformation of the pipeline stiffness, so that the horizontal deflection (horizontal pipe plumbing arc) and the resultant vibration The horizontal deflection (horizontal pipe arc) and the resulting vibration can be controlled. With its limiting effect to control and guide the size and direction of the pipeline thermal displacement (elastic support hangers do not have this role). The impact of the pipeline flow medium, vibration force, exhaust reaction force and vibration transmitted by the equipment, wind, earthquakes and other buffer vibration damping effect.



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