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Manual Convex Machine Manual Convex Machine


Manual Convex Machine

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Product Description:Manual Convex Machine

A manual pipe bender, also known as a hand bender, is a versatile tool used to bend a variety of pipes. It is commonly used in plumbing, automotive, construction, and other industries that require precise bending.

A hand bender typically consists of a sturdy frame, adjustable rollers, and a bending die. The frame is designed to provide stability and support for the tubing during the bending process. The adjustable rollers are used to hold the tubing in place and prevent it from sliding or deforming during the bending process. The bending die is the key component in processing the tubing into the desired curve or angle.

The process of using a manual pipe bender is very simple. First, the pipe is inserted between the rollers and adjusted to the desired position. The bending die is then positioned along the tube at the proper location. By applying force and utilizing an adjustable handle or lever, the operator can manually bend the tube to the desired angle or radius.



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