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Manifold Device

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  • Multiple sets of models available



Product use:

1. Balancing and stabilizing gas pressure

In the air compressor and the use of equipment, the gas pressure will often have a large difference, in the role of the splitter pack can balance and stabilize the gas pressure, to avoid equipment damage due to large differences.

2. Control flow

Split gas bag can control the flow of gas, so that it is within a certain range to maintain stability. In the case of using the equipment requires different flow rate, can be realized by adjusting the valve of the manifold.

3. Decompression and noise reduction

The manifold can reduce the high-pressure gas to the appropriate pressure, to avoid damage to the equipment due to excessive pressure, and can also play a role in reducing pressure and noise, to ensure that the use of the environment is quiet and stable.

4. Protect the air compressor

The air compressor will be subjected to a large load pressure when working, and the use of air separation package can balance the load, relieve the pressure of the air compressor, to a certain extent, to extend its service life



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