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Male Connector

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  • Multiple sets of models available



Role of Threaded Fittings:

Threaded fittings are important connecting parts for connecting pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment. It connects two pipes or devices together through the bayonet effect between internal and external threads to realize the purpose of conveying medium. The role of threaded joints mainly has the following aspects:

1, connection: the main role of threaded joints is to connect pipes or devices, effectively connecting two sections of pipes or devices together to ensure the flow of media. It can be connected to pipelines, valves, pumps, traps and other equipment to realize the use of the whole system.

2, sealing: threaded joints in the pipeline connection process, the internal and external threads are polished each other to form a certain embedded, which can ensure the airtightness, sealing and leakage prevention at the joints to prevent the leakage of the medium and ensure the safety of system operation.

3、Easy to install and disassemble: threaded joints are easy to install and disassemble without using special tools, which reduces the working difficulty of construction personnel and improves the construction efficiency, and they are suitable for use in narrow spaces and locations that are not easily accessible.

4, cost saving: threaded joints relative to welded joints, in connection with the cost and cost of fittings and other aspects of the advantages, installation and maintenance costs are relatively low, for some affordable projects have a higher applicability.


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