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Liquid Level Automatic Drainer Liquid Level Automatic Drainer
Liquid Level Automatic Drainer Liquid Level Automatic Drainer


Liquid Level Automatic Drainer

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  • VV 170400 VV1705 00



Product Description:Automatic Drainer

When a customer buys a full set of Deman air compressor, our engineers will go to great lengths to tell the customer to drain the water regularly. Then why should the air compressor be drained regularly? Why does an air compressor need to be fitted with an automatic drain?

As we all know, air contains a lot of water, when the air compressor is running, the internal temperature is high, and the water in the compressed air forms water vapor, which will enter the storage tank with the compressed gas. Tank as a gas storage container, not only for the compressed air to provide buffer and storage role, but also can play a role in cooling the compressed air, over time the tank has accumulated a large amount of condensate. If the water inside accumulates to a certain height, it will not only affect the storage volume of the air compressor storage tank, but also affect the compressed gas temperament. If the minimum pressure valve of the air compressor happens to fail, then the water in the storage tank will flow back into the air compressor along the air inlet, which will cause the main body of the air compressor to rust in the long run. Therefore, air compressors should be drained regularly.

So, why should the air compressor be equipped with an automatic drain? Because the automatic drainer can intelligently sense the amount of water and discharge it by itself, which saves manpower and increases the frequency of drainage, which is more convenient than the manual drainer.The role of the automatic drain is to automatically discharge the lower part of the pipeline, oil-water separator, storage tanks and a variety of filters at the bottom of the condensate, is more suitable to be installed in the high, low, narrow and other artificial drainage inconvenient location, but also can effectively avoid the compressed air by the condensate of the second pollution.



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