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Female Flange Female Flange
Female Flange Female Flange


Female Flange

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  • Multiple sets of models available



Definition and Classification of Female Flange:

A Female Flange is a type of flange commonly used for pipe connections, which usually consists of two annular members with internal threads, one of which has external threads while the other has internal threads. Female Flange can be mainly categorized into threaded female flanges and die-cast female flanges

Characteristics of female flange

1. Convenient connection: the structure of female flange is simple, easy to connect, no need for special welding or excessive debugging.

2. Tight and reliable: the sealing performance of female flange connection is better, and it can realize relatively tight and reliable connection when in use.

3. Decomposition and disassembly: the female flange connection can be disassembled and disassembled when needed, which is relatively convenient and not easy to damage.

4. Wide range of application: female flange is widely used in compressors, pumps, valves and other pipeline connections.


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