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Electric Convex Machine Electric Convex Machine


Electric Convex Machine

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Product Description:Electric Convex Machine

The electrician convex tube machine is used to expand the diameter of the end of the metal tube, so that it can be closely expanded with the connection part of the boiler tube plate, so that it will not leak water and gas, and can withstand a certain pressure. With automatic controller, it can automatically control the degree of expansion to avoid leakage caused by insufficient expansion and defects such as cracks and warping and deformation of the tube plate caused by over-expansion.

The operation process is as follows:

 Bulge loop

Step 1 Prepare the pipes

Prepare the pipes for bulge loop,pay attention to the end of pipe and the cutting perpendicularity=90°±1°;

Step 2 Load the clamp

Prepare the pipes for bulge loop and mount it to the convex pipe machineThe end for bulge loop shall be flush to the lower cam stop of the convex pipe machine.Place the other end on the support bracket, adjust the height so that the bracket will be slightly higher than the end of bulge loop; (Avoid the pipe moving outward when operation) Step 3 Bulge loop

Turn and press the operation board downward so that the concave wheel can press the pipe tight turn and rotate the handle to move the lower cam as well as the pipe repeat this step until it reaches to the limit of concave wheel (to limit the height of bulge loop); Step 4 Dismount the pipe

Turn and press the operation board reversely,the upper concave wheel will ascend and loosen the pipe take it out.电动凸管机参数


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