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Deburring Deburring



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  • Suitable for DN20-DN50



Product Description:Deburring

The presence of burrs in aluminum compressed air pipes is very dangerous: firstly, it increases the risk of injury to personnel; secondly, in downstream processing, it can jeopardize the quality of the product, affect the use of the equipment and even shorten the service life of the equipment. Using our tube deburring machine to remove burrs can help you reduce production costs and improve processing efficiency.

In most of the pipe cutting tools for metal pipe cutting, we can use the naked eye to observe the pipe cutting surface accompanied by the generation of burrs. The existence of burrs on the pipe surface not only reduces the processing accuracy and surface quality of the pipe surface, but also affects the welding performance of the pipe in the later stage, and sometimes even cause slagging and weld porosity caused by accidents. High-precision pipe cutting construction will also appear in this situation, focusing on the maintenance of pipe cutting equipment and cutting process changes.

Deburring is a non-productive process in the pipeline cutting and pipeline welding construction process, which not only increases the pipeline maintenance costs, extends the pipeline construction and production cycle, and burr removal methods will lead to the entire pipeline scrap and re-cutting and welding, resulting in economic losses.


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