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Cutter for rigid aluminium pipe Cutter for rigid aluminium pipe
Cutter for rigid aluminium pipe Cutter for rigid aluminium pipe


Cutter for rigid aluminium pipe

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  • Multiple sets of models available



Product Description:

Installation points of manual pipe cutter

1. The basic structure of the manual pipe cutter includes the cutting handle, snap ring, puller and cutting blade. Before installation, you need to install the cutting blade to the cutting handle and make sure the snap ring can fix the cutting blade.

2. Pay attention to the matching between the manual pipe cutter and the pipe when installing. The size of the cutter should match the diameter of the pipe to be cut. If the cutter is too small or too large, it will not work.

3. Inspect the manual pipe cutter before use. Check whether the cutting blade is sharp, the snap ring is good, the cutting handle and puller are solid, and whether there is any wandering looseness. If there are problems, repair or replace them in time.

Hold the automatic sawing machine use precautions:

1. Before use, check whether all parts of the cutting machine are normal, whether the wires are aging, exposed, etc..

2. When using the cutting machine, pay attention to detect whether the wheel blade is worn, if more than one wear or rupture need to replace the wheel blade. Detect whether the screws are loose, if loose, then tighten.

3. When cutting, the cutting direction can not be toward people and flammable materials.

4. After half an hour of continuous cutting, you must take a 10-minute break, and after 1 hour of cutting, check the wear of the wheel blades and whether the screws are loose.

5. After cutting, turn off the cutter switch and disconnect the power supply.




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