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Air compressor aluminium alloy pipe installation project

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  • DN20-DN200



Advantages of Aluminum Compressed Air Piping

Aluminum compressed air piping has become an ideal choice in the industrial field due to its numerous advantages.

Firstly, the lightweight and high-strength nature of aluminum alloy pipes makes them easy to install and transport, resulting in reduced labor and logistics costs compared to traditional steel pipes.

Secondly, aluminum alloy piping exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, which is crucial in environments where compressed air contains moisture and chemicals that can easily corrode pipes. By effectively resisting corrosion, these pipes have an extended service life and require less frequent repair and replacement.

Moreover, aluminum alloy pipes possess good thermal conductivity. This attribute ensures that the pipe can quickly conduct heat, maintaining a stable air temperature and improving transmission efficiency during the compressed air transmission process.

Lastly, aluminum alloy pipes demonstrate good sealing performance when properly connected. This prevents air leakage and ensures the system operates normally. This not only enhances work efficiency but also reduces energy waste and environmental pollution.

In summary, aluminum alloy compressed air pipes offer advantages such as light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and good sealing performance. These qualities improve work efficiency, enhance system reliability, and reduce transportation and maintenance costs, making them highly beneficial for industrial production.

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Product Parameters

Suzhou JIEYOU compressed air piping specific parameters (blue) DN20-DN200Yellow aluminum compressed air pipe parameters DN20-DN200Aluminum compressed air pipe specific parameters (gray) DN20-DN200

1. Complete Reliability Removable and reusable components, perfect for your factory environment
Fast installation of shunt device and branch pipeline, convenient adjustment of production line
Rich interfaces and accessories, suitable for any system
All components are nonflammable
2. Better Corrosion Resistance than 304 Stainless Steel Anti-corrosion Internal Surface Treatment of Aluminum Alloy Pipe
Alkali and acid corrosion resistance
Internal surface always clean, no pressure loss of the pipe network system
3. Easy Operation Pipelines and connectors can be installed immediately without additional treatment -- no pre construction preparation is required
Fast assembly, no welding, gluing or stranding required - time saving
Easy assembley- no need for training
Light weight, easy for cutting pipes -- easier to work on site
Directly use -- the system can be tested and used immediately
4. Energy Saving Consistently high quality interior surfaces - clean air
Low friction of inner surface -- high flow performance
Precise pipe diameter - optimized sealing
Automatic filling type large contact surface sealing system ,no leakage
5. Excellent Resistance against the Following Environments Corrosion
Mechanical vibration
Thermal variations
Compressor oil
6. Durable, Beauty Electrostatic spraying when leaving the factory
Standard color, beautiful appearance

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