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90° Quick Drop (Assembled)

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  • Multiple sets of models available



Product Description:

Compressed air quick couplings have the advantages of easy installation, quick disassembly, reliable sealing, etc., which can effectively reduce the installation and maintenance costs of the compressed air transmission system, and enhance the reliability and energy saving of the system. In addition, compressed air quick coupling also has a certain degree of environmental protection, can avoid the traditional threaded joints in the interface leakage phenomenon, reduce energy waste and environmental pollution.

Quick-change couplings, also called quick connectors, quick couplings, are sealed connectors that can be quickly plugged, connected and disconnected. Compared with traditional joints, it has more convenient operation and higher working efficiency. The role of quick-change couplings: mainly used in the sealing test, the need for the workpiece cavity external pipe holes for all blocking or sealing connected, and then the quick-change couplings and test media pipeline connection. In this way, when you need to carry out the sealing test, you only need to push the quick-change coupler directly into the workpiece interface, to carry out the air and water test. Once the test is complete, the coupling can be easily removed in preparation for the next workpiece test.

Quick-change couplings are small in size, but the role they play should not be underestimated. A number of industries need to carry out strict sealing test before the products leave the factory, according to the previous hand-tighten the nut or use the clamp to tighten the water pipe method, this is too inefficient, troublesome to maneuver and sealing is not stable, increasing the cost of testing. Quick-change couplings are a highly efficient sealing connection method that meets the needs of the market.





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