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180° Quick Drop

2 Way Ball Valve

90 Degree Elbow

90° Elbow

90° Quick Drop

Air Collector

Air Compression Tubes

Air Compressor Energy Saving

Air Compressor Pipe Connector

Air Connector

Air Tube Compression

Alloy Compressed Air Piping

Alloy superpipe for compressed air

Aluminium Air Pipes

Aluminium alloy energy-saving pipiline

Aluminium Alloy Superpipe

Aluminium Compressed Air Pipe

Aluminium Pipe

Aluminium Pipes

Aluminum Air Pipes

Aluminum Air Piping

Aluminum alloy energy-saving pipeline

Aluminum alloy pipe fitting elbow

Aluminum Alloy Piping

Aluminum Alloy Round Tube

Aluminum Alloy Superpipe

Aluminum Compressed Air Pipes

Aluminum Compressed Air Piping System

Aluminum Fluid Pipe Fittings

Aluminum Fluid Pipes

Aluminum Pipe Elbow

Aluminum Pipes

Aluminum Profile for Piping System

Aluminum Superpipe System

Aluminum Tube for Fluid Transport

Aluminum Tube Pipe

API Butterfly Valve

Automatic Drainer

Barred Tee

Black Metal Hose Clamp

Burr knife

Camlock Coupling


Car Radiator Tube

Compressed Air Line

Compressed Air Pipe

Compressed Air Pipe Connector

Compressed air piping

Compressed Air Piping Design

Compressed Air Piping Solution

Compressed Air Piping System

Compressed Air System

Compressed Air Tube

Compressed Gas

Compression Coupling

Compression Fitting

Compression Pipe Fitting


Connector Fitting

Control Valve



Double Female Ball Valve

Double Side Push Type Valve

Drilling Tool

Ductile Fittings

Ductile Iron Pipe

Ductile Iron Pipe Fitting

Durable aluminum alloy piping system

Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Elbow Pipe Fitting

Electric Convex Machine

Electric Pipe Cutter

End Cap

End Cover

End Plug Caps

Equal Coupling Connector

Equal Elbow

Equal Flange

Equal Pipe To Pipe Connector

Equal Tee

Expansion Joint

Extension Nipple

Female Connector

Female Flange

File (metalworking and woodworking tool)

Fixed Clamp


Flange Ball Valve

Flange Butterfly Valve


Suzhou Jieyou Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. was established on August 29, 2019. It is an innovative enterprise specializing in the development, production, sales, and installation services of fluid transportation products.

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