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What regulations should be met for compressed air piping materials?

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Compressed air piping materials and accessories should be carefully selected to meet the design requirements. If the design does not specify the requirements, the selection should be compatible with the cleanliness level of the clean room and the nature of the gas being transported. The following provisions should be considered:

  1. Seamless pipes are recommended to ensure a smooth flow of compressed air.

  2. The surface of the compressed air pipe should have minimal gas adsorption and desorption.

  3. The inner surface of the pipe should be smooth and resistant to wear.

  4. It is important to choose materials with good corrosion resistance to ensure the longevity of the piping system.

  5. The metal organization of the pipe should not be altered during the welding treatment.

  6. For negative pressure piping, it is not suitable to use ordinary carbon steel pipes. Instead, stainless steel or aluminum alloy piping should be considered.


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