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What Are The Requirements For Compressed Air Piping Installation?

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Compressed air piping installations require piping, fittings and valves to be carefully inspected and characterized prior to installation.

Brackets and hangers should be completed and quantified by the contractor. For flanged connections, piping may be disassembled, corrected and cleaned for reinstallation.

Smaller piping not shown on the layout plans shall be arranged in an orderly manner and other piping shall be installed in accordance with the project provisions and design documents. During installation, precautions shall be taken to prevent debris from falling into the piping.

Fittings susceptible to corrosion shall be protected against rust and painted with antirust paint. Pipes should be fixed with brackets, especially those with flexible fittings or those not allowed to bear weight.

The distance between pipe supports should not exceed 5 meters. Uninsulated electrical piping should have sliding supports to prevent accidental displacement. Supports should be welded by qualified welders and should not be defective.

Circumferential welds of the pipeline should not be placed on the brackets, and longitudinal welds should be oriented in such a way that they can be easily inspected. The branch pipe should be equipped with live joints for maintenance. Pipes with a design pressure greater than 1.0MPa should be radiographically inspected.

After installation of the piping system, a strength test should be carried out using air pressure. The pressure should be gradually increased and any anomalies or leaks addressed.

Finally, the pressure should be stabilized and reduced for inspection.


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