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The Use of Aluminum Alloy Energy-saving Tubes in The Bathroom Saves Time And Effort And Is More Aesthetically Pleasing

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Bathroom using aluminum alloy energy-saving pipe not only saves time and money, but also does not take up space, very beautiful. In the decoration of the bathroom, it is necessary to wrap up the bare outside of those pipes to avoid an unsightly appearance. Wrapping the pipes also helps prevent loud noise from the sewer pipe.

However, traditional methods of wrapping pipes can be cumbersome, such as laying them inside bricks. Over time, the pipes may age and leak, requiring the wall to be smashed for repairs, which is both troublesome and wasteful.

To avoid these issues, a new type of custody method is available. It saves time, effort, and money, while also maintaining a sleek appearance without taking up additional space. This method can be easily accomplished by individuals who enjoy do-it-yourself projects, eliminating the need to hire laborers. By using aluminum alloy energy-saving tubes as brackets, the pipes can be securely wrapped without the need for bricklaying or cement mortar. This not only saves money but also provides sound insulation.

To install the tubes, they are first connected with screws to ensure stability. Then, a stable bracket is fixed above the wall, whether it is concrete or tiled. When fixing the tubes to tiled walls, extra care must be taken to prevent tile breakage. Inside the bracket, there are grooves designed for sound insulation boards and tiles. The anodized edge treatment in the corner eliminates the need for tile chamfering. Sound insulation cotton is placed inside the bracket, ensuring a snug fit with the tiles to prevent loosening or shaking.

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