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The Main Applications of Aluminum Alloy Pressure Hose

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Aluminum alloy pressure tubes are highly versatile and possess excellent durability, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. These tubes are composed of pure aluminum and various alloy elements, such as aluminum-manganese, aluminum-copper, and aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper, which give them superior physical and mechanical properties. They can be used as stress members, in the fabrication of doors, windows, tubes, lids, shells, and other components, or as decorative and heat preservation materials.

One of the key advantages of aluminum alloy pressure tubes is their ability to undergo anodic oxidation treatment, which allows for various decorative elements to be created. The surfaces of these tubes can also undergo secondary processing, such as anticorrosion treatment, embossing, painting, and printing, resulting in a diverse range of decorative plates and profiles. Additionally, their low cost and ability to mass-produce identical parts using a single machining process make them highly efficient.

Unlike carbon fiber, which has limited strength in certain directions, aluminum alloy pressure tubes have uniform stress distribution and can withstand a certain amount of force before slowly deforming and eventually succumbing to damage. They are also easy to work with and have excellent heat dissipation properties.

In the realm of air piping systems, aluminum alloy pressure tubes play a crucial role in ensuring the continuous and stable delivery of air to downstream equipment and production processes. Their corrosion resistance and leak-proof design prevent energy loss during air transportation, optimizing operational efficiency. With an optimized design featuring a smooth inner surface and full diameter, these tubes minimize airflow resistance and pressure drop, resulting in reduced operating costs. In fact, for every 1Bar reduction in pressure drop, installed energy consumption can be reduced by 7%.

On the other hand, pressure pipes are specifically designed to convey water under high pressure. They find application in various scenarios, such as the installation of buffer elbows for pressure gauges, which protect the gauge from damage caused by impacting mediums and provide heat dissipation. The concept of pressure pipes originated from the use of water flow to drive waterwheels, harnessing the generated energy for tasks like grain grinding. Initially, pressure pipes took the form of long grooves rather than steel pipes. They were connected to existing waterways, allowing water to freely flow in when the watergate was open and restricting the flow when the sluice gate was closed. To prevent debris from entering and clogging the pipes, fences or strainers were commonly installed at the pipe inlets.

Overall, aluminum alloy pressure tubes and pressure pipes serve distinct purposes, with the former offering versatility and enhanced properties, while the latter facilitates the controlled conveyance of water under extreme pressure. Both play integral roles in various industries, contributing to efficient and reliable operations.


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