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Pipeline compressed air faults and solutions

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(1) Safety valve air leakage

Safety valve spring support surface and spring centerline is not perpendicular. When the centerline of the valve spring and the support surface is not perpendicular to the valve spring under pressure, it produces deflection, resulting in uneven pressure on the valve flap of the safety valve, warping occurs, resulting in air leakage, oscillation, and even safety valve malfunction.

Solution: Adjust the safety valve valve spring support surface and spring centerline perpendicularity, to maintain their mutual perpendicularity, the safety valve and the valve seat between the impurities, dirt should be cleaned up, and, if necessary, re-grinding, to ensure that the contact surface is tight. Safety valve valve spring should be pressed, the threads and sealing surfaces should be protected, and any damage should be scraped and ground.

(2) piping system air leakage

The reason for air leakage is often due to the selection of materials and accessories quality or installation quality is not good, the pipeline in the bracket sinking caused by serious deformation of the pipeline cracking, water in the pipeline ice will be pipe or pipe fittings swollen cracks and so on.

Solution: Repair or replace the damaged pipe sections and fittings, regularly remove the accumulated water in the pipe to prevent freezing and cracking; when the pipe stent sinks, the stent should be repaired and the slope of the pipe should be adjusted to facilitate drainage.

Aluminum compressed air pipe fittings-91° Elbow01


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