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Introduction To The Importance of Compressed Air Piping And Failure And Prevention Methods

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Compressed air is a vital power source in various industries and sectors, playing a crucial role in production, processing, and engineering applications.

However, the selection of materials for compressed air piping is of utmost importance due to the presence of corrosive gases, water vapor, and solid particles in the atmosphere.

Traditional galvanized or carbon steel pipes are prone to corrosion, leading to rust and subsequent damage to the inner walls. The use of such pipes results in contamination and leakage, negatively impacting the quality of pneumatic equipment and increasing maintenance costs.

To address these issues, the industry is gradually shifting towards high-performance aluminum alloy compressed air pipelines, which ensure the delivery of pure compression and prevent leakage through the use of high-performance O-ring seals.

Additionally, the design and installation of compressed air systems should consider the proper placement of control valves, efficient drainage, and the involvement of qualified professionals to ensure smooth operations, increased efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced quality.


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