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Introduction To Common Aluminium Alloy Compressed Gas Pipe Fittings

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Aluminium compressed air pipe fittings are various components and equipment used to connect, support, control and protect pipelines. The following are common aluminium alloy compressed gas piping fittings:

1、 Flange: a flat annular connector used to connect two piping segments. Usually consists of two flat discs, connected by bolts and nuts.

2、Joints: pipeline connectors used to connect two pipeline segments. Usually consists of two pipe ports and an intermediate connection.

3、Elbows: pipeline connectors used to change the direction of the pipeline. It can be divided into different angles and radii.

4、Pipe bracket: metal bracket used to support the pipeline. It can be customised according to the position and shape of the pipe.

5、Bellows: hoses used to connect pipes and equipment. Usually made of elastic material, it can be used to absorb pipeline vibration and deformation.

6、Temperature sensor: a sensor used to monitor the temperature of the pipeline. Usually installed on the surface or inside the pipe.

7, pressure sensor: used to monitor the pipeline pressure sensor. Usually installed in the connection part of the pipeline.

8、Valves: valves used to control the flow of gas. Different types and materials can be selected as needed. These fittings can usually be customised and selected according to specific applications and requirements to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the piping system


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