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Five features of compressed air piping to share

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Aluminum alloy pipes have proven to be the ideal choice for compressed air pipelines due to several key reasons. Firstly, when compared to traditional materials such as carbon steel, galvanized, and PVC pipes, aluminum alloy pipes demonstrate significant advantages. These traditional materials are prone to rust corrosion, aging, and bursting, resulting in unstable operation. In contrast, aluminum alloy pipes possess a smooth inner wall with a protective layer of aluminum oxide film, providing excellent corrosion, acid, and alkali resistance. Additionally, their fast and flexible installation process ensures durability and longevity.

Furthermore, the performance of aluminum alloy pipes is comparable to that of stainless steel pipes. However, stainless steel materials are considerably more expensive, heavier, and incur higher transportation costs, making them less cost-effective for construction projects. In terms of installation convenience, aluminum alloy pipelines excel due to their fast and quick clamp connection, eliminating the need for welding or wire fastening equipment. This is especially advantageous for renovation and expansion projects, as welding poses safety hazards.

Moreover, aluminum alloy pipelines are highly efficient and energy-saving. The smooth inner surface and minimal leakage of these pipes result in approximately 20% energy savings compared to carbon steel pipelines. Carbon steel pipes, on the other hand, are inefficient and energy-wasting due to their higher rate of leaks and consequently, higher operating costs.

Considering the performance comparison of various materials, it becomes evident that aluminum alloy pipes offer excellent cost-effectiveness and are particularly suitable for compressed air pipeline installations. With their stable cutting performance, resistance to aging, and long service life, these pipes prove to be the optimal choice for such applications.

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