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Construction Operation of Aluminum Alloy Energy-saving Pipes in Real Life

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The tools and raw materials operated in the use of aluminum alloy tubes are special hot melt machines, aluminum alloy energy-saving tubes, matching fittings, marking pens to peel peeling with matching cutters, saw bows, and degreasing agents. There are also cardboard boxes for collecting used aluminum alloy skins and tubes. Aluminum alloy environmentally friendly energy-saving pipe system, in the construction of building water supply system construction, inside the project is a very important process, each project will have professional engineers to support the site to do on-site guidance to protect the quality of the installation of the specific operation is as follows.

1, Construction drawings and other technical documents, and has been carried out drawings of technical briefings, all factors to meet the construction requirements.

2、Construction program conditions, environment, construction technology, materials, machinery and supplies and so on can guarantee the normal construction.

3、Construction personnel must be familiar with the design and installation of aluminum alloy energy-saving tube products use regulations, and the necessary positions also need to be licensed.

4, Fittings and pipes should not be placed in the sun for a long time to irradiate, in order to avoid bending of the tube in the hospitalization, the phenomenon of stacking time should be flat.

5, In the handling of pipes and fittings, must pay attention to the light to avoid oil, and do not carry out violent impact, is strictly prohibited to throw fall off and so on these ways to transport.

6, Aluminum alloy energy-saving museum in the connection before, should guarantee the use of pipe fittings of the inner wall is smooth and flat, no cracks, peeling and obvious transverse depressions, the color should be basically the same.

7, Aluminum alloy energy-saving pipe end should be perpendicular to the axis of the pipe, the key must also ensure that the integrity, without any defects and deformation of the whole situation occurs.

Aluminum alloy pipe capacitance connection, in the scribe marking place using a hardness greater than 2B pencil or carbide pencil, in accordance with the requirements of the installation of the specification drawn, the length of the aluminum alloy layer that needs to be glass. Then radial cutting with a special cutting machine to cut off, the cut surface should be flush, perpendicular to the pipe axis.

Axial cutting using a special electric cutter, in the direction of the pipe axis to cut, in the cutting must pay attention to the depth, can not hurt the aluminum alloy, energy-saving Museum of the main body cut in place after the skin will automatically collapse. After removing the aluminum skin, clean the pipe using auxiliary tools, the pipe end cut aluminum alloy removed, peeling is completed, and then use a special large abrasive blade to remove the oxide layer on the surface of the pipe.


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