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Butterfly valves in aluminium alloy piping systems

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Butterfly valve has a wide range of applications in aluminium alloy piping system, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Control flow: butterfly valve can control the flow of flowing medium by adjusting the valve opening, so that it can flow smoothly in the aluminium alloy piping system. The structural characteristics of the butterfly valve makes it have a low pressure loss, which is conducive to the efficient operation of the pipeline system.

2. Cut off fluid: butterfly valve can cut off the flow of fluid by closing the valve for maintenance, overhaul or emergency treatment. The fast closing and opening characteristics of butterfly valves enable them to respond quickly in emergency situations to ensure the safety of the system.

3. Pressure regulation: butterfly valves can be used as pressure regulating devices in some specific aluminium alloy piping systems to control the fluid pressure by adjusting the valve opening.

4. Reverse prevention: butterfly valves can be designed to be sealed in both directions in some application scenarios to prevent the medium from flowing backward in the piping system.

5. Space saving: butterfly valves are compact and take up less space, suitable for places with limited space, especially for aluminium alloy piping systems, the lightweight characteristics of butterfly valves make them more suitable for installation and maintenance in limited space.

To sum up, butterfly valve in aluminium alloy piping system has the functions of controlling flow, cutting off fluid, regulating pressure, etc. It is a commonly used type of valve, which can meet the various needs of piping system.

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