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Aluminium compressed air pipes vs. stainless steel pipes

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In modern industrial construction and daily life, piping is an important facility for transporting fluids, and the choice of its material is crucial. Aluminium alloy piping and stainless steel piping are two common types of piping, and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of material properties, corrosion resistance, cost and applicable scenarios.

Aluminium alloy pipe is made of light material, and aluminium oxide is corrosion-resistant. The outer surface of the pipe is treated with baking paint, which is more beautiful and corrosion-resistant. The inner surface is treated with special anti-corrosion technology, the inner surface is brighter, cleaner and less pressure loss. Aluminium alloy pipe adopts quick connection, easy to install, and can be installed by customers themselves. Because of the simplicity of installation, it shortens the construction period, saves labour and meets the schedule. No fire is required during the whole construction process, which meets the requirements of special environmental industries and special circumstances. A wide range of spraying colours are available, making it easy to differentiate between piping types. JIEYU has a worry-free warranty system, JIEYOU provides up to 10 years of product warranty.

Stainless steel tube inner wall roughness is greater than aluminium alloy tube, pressure loss is greater, energy consumption increases. Long construction period, high installation cost, the schedule target can not be met. More standards on the market, uneven quality, pipes and fittings are not supplied by a single manufacturer, and it is easy to pull the rug out from under quality problems. Stainless steel piping without long-term warranty, later transformation is difficult, need to fire operation, the total cost of the project is greater than the aluminium alloy piping.

To sum up, aluminium alloy piping is a better choice when selecting compressed air piping. When choosing suitable piping materials for various engineering projects, we have to consider that we can ensure the smooth running of the project and long-term stable operation.


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