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Air Compressor Piping Energy-saving Transformation-Aluminum Alloy Energy-saving Piping

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Galvanized pipes have long been used in the industry to transport compressed air. However, these pipes have a major drawback - they allow moisture to enter the air, resulting in rust and oxidation. This rust is then transmitted to the cylinders along with the compressed air, causing wear and tear and damage to the equipment. Additionally, if the air source comes into direct contact with the product, it can lead to a degradation in quality. Even with filtering triplets in place, rust can still easily be adsorbed on the filter media, reducing its service life and causing a pressure drop.

Furthermore, traditional carbon steel pipelines are prone to leakage due to corrosion at the wire and weld scar parts. This poses a significant problem that needs to be addressed. In light of these issues, the durability and corrosion resistance of galvanized piping pale in comparison to newer pipe materials such as aluminum and stainless steel.

Aluminum alloy piping offers several advantages over galvanized pipes. Firstly, its smooth inner wall with a low friction coefficient reduces air flow resistance and minimizes pressure drop in the piping system. Secondly, aluminum alloy piping exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring consistently high air quality for compressed air systems and equipment. Moreover, it is lightweight, yet strong and durable, making installation easier and reducing labor intensity and construction costs.

In addition, aluminum alloy piping is highly resistant to corrosion, vibration, and temperature changes. It guarantees no leakage, even in high vibration applications, and has a service life twice as long as similar products. The availability of complete and reusable pipe fittings and accessories, along with its modular design, allows for easy changes and modifications.

The smooth inner surface design and full bore connectors of aluminum alloy piping ensure a constant supply of clean air, resulting in significant energy savings within a certain pressure drop range. Given these advantages, it becomes clear that galvanized piping should be replaced with aluminum or stainless steel piping whenever possible. This not only improves the lifespan of the piping system but also avoids unnecessary waste of energy, products, production equipment, and potential health risks.


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